24/7 Support Services

We understand that every business faces unique challenges therefor unique approach is required. Our IT Services are tailored to help each customer operate more efficiently and profitably. We combine the technologies that we offer with Professional IT Services to create maximum value for your business and support optimum performance and optimization of our client’s IT lifecycle. 

  • Professional Services - Cloud Computing, Enduser Computing, Enterprise Networking, Installation, Enterprise Identity and Management, Enterprise Security, Data Centre, Unified Communications and Mobility, Pre-Sales Support
  • IT Support Services - Hardware Maintenance, Service Desk, Software Maintenance
  • Managed Services - Proactively Monitoring and Alerting 24x7x365 with 4hr Response, 24x7x365 with 4hr Fix, 8x5x4 4hr Response, 8x5x4 4hr fix, 24x7x365 with 4hr Advanced Replacement, 8x5x4 Advanced Replacement, 8x5xNBD Response, 8x5xNBD Fix, 8x5xNBD Advanced Replacement
  • Internal and External Penetration Testing

Supported vendors:

- Networking: Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, Extreme, HP, VMware, NetApp, Sun, IBM, Juniper, Watchguard, Checkpoint, Citrix, Cisco Meraki, etc.
- Server and Storage: Dell, HP, NetApp, Fujitso, IBM, Acer, Clone, Compaq, Gateway, Toshiba, etc.
- Desktops and Laptops: Acer, Dell, HP, Samsung, Clone, Fujitso, IBM, Sony, Compaq, Gateway, Toshiba, etc.

For more information about 24/7 Managed Support and Services and to understand more about your requirements contact us on 0161 300 9643 or email: sales@matchlessit.co.uk


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